May 21, 2008

FAQs About The Kit


 Thanks for posting all your questions. I’ve answered the most common questions on this webpage. Please take the time to read these carefully, as your question is probably answered in one of the sentences below. 


Does it work?





Why are you only making 30 kits available?





How much is the kit going to be?





How much will it be in Pounds Sterling / Australian Dollars / New Zealand Dollars?




What if I don’t have a credit card?



Do you ship to my country?





How much will shipping be to the UK / Ireland / Australia / NZ / USA?





Can I use the coupon if I only want to buy 1 item?





What happens when the stock runs out?





Is it possible to buy a single item?




What is the timeline for the 7 steps?  What do I do first?




Are relaxation techniques included in the kit?




Why are the products expensive?











Are the products safe?





Are you a herbalist?  What are your qualifications? 



Is the herbal tampon the same as Felopio™?  Will you tell us what’s in it?




What if my tubes are not blocked?  Should I buy the Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit?  I still want to do something to help my fertility







Can you recommend a product for my husband / fibroids / endometriosis / irregular periods?


Yes – I have created a page here that summarizes all Amina’s herbal products:



What’s in the kits again?


Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit:

  1. Fallopen Herbal Tampon Mix - a blend of herbs that kill infections, reduce inflammation in the fallopian tubes, reduce scarring, increase the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the fallopian tubes, and help to loosen up adhesions and scar tissue.
  2. Chamomile Cleanse Herbal Douche Mix - a blend of herbs that wash the vagina and pelvic organs of debris loosed up by the herbal tampons, and kill any remaining infections, while helping to restore the vagina’s natural flora
  3. FalloClear Herbal Capsules - a herbal blend of capsules that support the action of the herbal tampons by stimulating the circulation to the pelvic organs and fallopian tubes, and contains enzymes that break up adhesions and scar tissue.
  4. Fertility Massage DVD - contains the fallopian tube massage for breaking up scar tissue and opening the fallopian tubes, and a regular fertility massage you can practise any time of the month, for relaxing and stimulating the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
  5. Fertility Yoga DVD - contains a full fertility yoga routine for balancing the hormones, stretching, toning and opening up the pelvic organs, relaxing the mind, body and spirit and an exercise you and your partner can do together to harmonise your energies, making conception easier.
  6. Quantum Relaxation CD - the exact CD I give to my clients to stimulate a deep level of relaxation.  It works using sounds that stimulate the brain waves, and  gently alter the frequencies of your brain waves from the Beta range (normally associated with the stress of every day life), down to the Alpha range, which is associated with alert relaxation.

I’d like to add some free gifts, as a thank you for taking action in the first week:

Total Body Cleanse Kit

  1. Colon Cleansing Kit - a 5-day colon cleanse that clears the large intestine to allow deep cleansing and maximum nutrient absorption to take place. Contains a colon correction formula and colon cleansing formula.
  2. Liver Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing a gentle liver-cleansing tea and liver cleansing capsules to support the liver in getting rid of excess toxins, and helps the liver balance hormones naturally.
  3. Kidney Cleansing Kit - a 5-day cleanse, containing arevitalising kidney cleansing tea and kidney cleansing capsules to detoxify your kidney and give you the energy for conception

This comes with 2 free gifts:



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