My good friend and colleague passed me this touching success story….

Dear Amina


I am 46 and 17 years ago I had an HSG and according to the results, both my fallopian tubes were blocked.  I also had ovulation problems, which contributed to not getting pregnant, but my husband had no problems at all.


We did not have the insurance or the funds for IVF so resigned ourselves to having a childless marriage.  It was very painful for me, and I felt a tremendous amount of guilt for not producing a child.  My situation was not helped by relatives always asking when we would start a family.


Since finding out I have been unable to conceive, it’s been like living under a cloud, thinking that I would lose my husband to an affair, or one day he would announce that he was going to find a woman who could produce children for him.  I prayed that one day I would win the lottery so I could have the money to have these much-needed IVF treatments.


I found your website on blocked fallopian tubes in July of 2008 and read through all of the information, the case studies and the scientific research done in China.  I was very excited and nervous and wondered if it was for real.  I wanted to do all of the 7 steps to have the best chance of getting pregnant, but didn’t have the funds.


I emailed the customer support and a nice lady called Dee recommended I do the body cleanse first for 28 days, then save up to buy the blocked fallopian tube kit, and that is exactly what I did.  It took only 7 days for the kit to arrive and it came with instructions.


I did the cleanses as instructed and then waited until payday to get the rest of the kit.  There was a lot of useful information in the blocked fallopian tube kit, and for the first time in ages, I had hope that maybe I could get pregnant like all the women on the website.


As soon as my period ended, I made up the herbal tampons, did the massage, yoga, douching, relaxation, capsules and nutritional supplements.  I felt so healthy but still nervous… I tried to focus on the natural treatments and tell myself that I maybe wouldn’t see a result for 4 to 6 months.


But after 7 weeks my period was late.  I bought a home pregnancy test in the chemist, followed the instructions with shaking hands – I was so scared!  When I got a positive result, I had to keep checking.  It was unbelievable.  I was finally pregnant!!!


I can’t describe how it feels.  It feels like I have won the lottery and all my dreams have come true!  I am so happy, complete, fulfilled and satisfied. My husband is overjoyed and I feel like he looks at me with new eyes.  I can’t wait until the next family gathering when everyone sees me with my huge pregnant belly!


Thank you so much for the research, support and hope you’ve brought back into our lives.  At the age of 46, I finally feel that my life can start.  The infertility hell is finally over.


Abigail Eke, London, UK


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