Hi!  thanks for visiting my website.  I wanted to create a comprehensive resource for women who cannot conceive because of blocked fallopian tubes, and their concerned partners and loved ones.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading articles, videos, tips and advice on how to unblock your fallopian tubes naturally.

In case you’ve never met me before, I’m a kinesiologist who writes health books, and has a busy practice in London.  I found that the best way to help as many people as possible would be to provide information on how they can help themselves – afterall, I’m just one person and there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to see all the clients who try to book appointments with me!

Please take the time to read my site, add comments to my articles and videos and share tips.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to answer everyone who asks me for help in their specific condition, so please be mindful of this when posting comments to this website.

With that said, I’ll always try my best to provide information that everyone can benefit from.

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